Smart Ways for Effective Data Management


Solutions and products easily integrated for service providers


Integrated platform for Patient Care advancement. See more…..


Ontology-based District Data Model and Data Repository. See more…..


Context Aware Recommendation System. See more…..

User Behavior

This tool will characterize the effects of the building’s users on its energy performance relying on available data to classify them in established user profiles. See more…..

About Dataraphic

Dataraphic is an innovative software company that has focused on providing IT solutions for the healthcare and IOT sector ever since it was founded. Currently, Dataraphic is delivering smart IT solutions to governmental and non-governmental institutions, ranging from independent IT companies to academic hospitals - or a combination. Dataraphic is offering a fully integrated analytics platform with solution based on state-of-the-art research and developed algorithms and software solutions. Within Dataraphic's vision the quality of the product, services and processes is one of the key focus points when creating a sustainable organisation and product.
Awarded by Ministry of Technology (2015)

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